Stock redemption price is reliable evidence of value; expert testimony excluded because of failure to comply with discovery rules

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 9 No. 4
Legal and Court Case Update
April 2003
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marital dissolution/divorce

In the Matter of Peter Letendre v. Linda Letendre
149 N.H. 31, 815 A.2d 938, 2002 N.H. LEXIS 209
December 31, 2002
State Court
New Hampshire
Supreme Court


In this marital dissolution, the trial court excluded the husband's expert's testimony and valued the husband's one-third business interest based on the last stock redemption price set by th ...

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In the Matter of Peter Letendre v. Linda Letendre

The New Hampshire Supreme Court affirmed the exclusion the husband’s expert witness because the expert and his report were not disclosed during the discovery period. The Supreme Court additionally affirmed the valuation of the business interest based on t ...