Plaintiffs Brought Action to Dissolve Corporate Defendant Company

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Legal and Court Case Update
January 26, 1999
5149 Groceries and Related Products, NEC
424490 Other Grocery and Related Products Merchant Wholesalers
judicial dissolution
breach of fiduciary duty

Kreischer v. The Kerrison Dry Goods Company
1999 U.S. App.
Federal Court
4th Circuit
United States Court of Appeals
Dr. Oliver Wood, Frank Batten and Charles Middleton (for plaintiffs) Francis Humphries and Stephen Attaway (for defendant)
Murnaghan, Wilkins, Luttig


Plaintiffs brought action to dissolve corporate defendant.

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Kreischer v. The Kerrison Dry Goods Company

At issue is the valuation of plaintiffs minority interest in The Kerrison Dry Goods Company.