No Discounts in Rhode Island Fair Value Determination

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 6 No. 9
Legal and Court Case Update
September 2000
7532 Top, Body, and Upholstery Repair Shops and Paint Shops
811121 Automotive Body, Paint, and Interior Repair and Maintenance
judicial dissolution
fair value, corporate dissolution, election to purchase

DiLuglio v. Providence Auto Body
755 A. 2d 757, 2000 R.I. LEXIS 159
June 30, 2000
State Court
Rhode Island
Supreme Court


One of the issues in the corporate dissolution action was whether the trial court erred in refusing to apply a minority discount and a discount for lack of marketability when it valued plaintiff's 20% interest in the defendant corporation.

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DiLuglio v. Providence Auto Body

At issue is whether the trial justice erred when he failed to discount the value of DiLuglio's shares in PAB because of their relative lack of marketability and lack of controlling status.