LLC Agreement Provides No Buyout Option for Withdrawing Member

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 10 No. 4
Legal and Court Case Update
April 2004
7375 Information Retrieval Services
517919 All Other Telecommunications
judicial dissolution
limited liability company

Lieberman v. LLC (II)
2004 WY 1, 2004 Wyo. LEXIS 1
January 13, 2004
State Court
Supreme Court
Alexander K. Davison, Terry W. Connolly, Wendy J. Curtis, William D. Bagley


The issue in this case was the status of a member’s capital contribution and equity in an LLC.

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Lieberman v. LLC (II)

Issue in this LLC member withdrawal action was whether the operating agreement governed value of withdrawing members interest, and if not, what was appropriate standard of value.