Future Earnings Not Proper in Book Value of Professional Corporation

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 10 No. 10
Legal and Court Case Update
October 2004
8111 Legal Services
541110 Offices of Lawyers
breach of fiduciary duty

Jowett v. Scruggs
2004 Miss. App. LEXIS 768
August 3, 2004
State Court
Court of Appeals
Juliet Lawson Jowett, William N. Reed
Floyd Penton, CPA (for corporation)<br>Hugh Parker, CPA (for corporation)<br>Monroe Wright, CPA (for Jowett)


The issue in this case was the value of the shares of an attorney’s stock in her professional corporation (law firm) at the time of her termination.

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Jowett v. Scruggs

The issue in this case was whether the attorney was properly expelled as a shareholder.