Fair Value Determination Remanded Due to Lack of Evidence

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July 9, 2001
5149 Groceries and Related Products, NEC
312112 Bottled Water Manufacturing
judicial dissolution
fair value, shareholder dispute, market approach

Torres v. Schripps, Inc.
42 N.J. Super. 419, 776 A.2d 915, 2001 N.J. Super. LEXIS 294
State Court
New Jersey
Supreme Court
Stephen C. Chait, CPA (for Schripps)


In this dispute over the valuation of closely held corporation stock, the appellate court reversed and remanded the trial court's valuation of the corporation.

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Torres v. Schripps, Inc.

At issue is the value and date of valuation of the shares of stock of Schripps, a closely held corporation.