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Business Valuation UpdateVol. 4 No. 12
Legal and Court Case Update
December 1998
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shareholder dissent/oppression

Lawson Mardon Wheaton, Inc. v. Smith (II)
315 N.J. Super. 32, 716 A.2d 550, 1998 N.J. Super. LEXIS 375
August 26, 1998
State Court
New Jersey
Court of Appeals
George Weiksner (for Lawson), Mark Lee (for Smith)


Twenty-six shareholders of Wheaton Inc. , a closely held family corporation, invoked their right to an appraisal and purchase of their shares pursuant to New Jersey statute.

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Lawson Mardon Wheaton, Inc. v. Smith (II)

Frederick L. Whitmer argued the cause for all appellants except Frank H. Wheaton, III, Individually and as Custodian for Christopher Bainbridge Wheaton and Amanda Elizabeth Wheaton and Robert D. Robertson, a/k/a Robert Shaw (Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & S ...