Court Recognizes Stockholder Agreement, Allows for Minority Iinterest Discount

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Legal and Court Case Update
January 1997
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marital dissolution/divorce
minority interest, postnuptial agreement

Stayer v. Stayer
206 Wis. 2d 675, 558 N.W.2d 704, 1996 Wisc. App. LEXIS 1521
November 27, 1996
State Court
Court of Appeals
John Emory (for husband); Todd Mueller (for wife)
Brown, Nettesheim and Snyder


On appeal by the husband, Ralph Stayer, and cross appeal by the wife, Catharine Stayer, the issues are: (1) Catharine's challenge to the valuation of Ralph's Johnsonville Foods, Inc. stock ...

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At issue is the valuation of husband's Johnsonville Foods, Inc., stock and the credibility and weight given to the experts.