Colorado Supreme Court Affirms Court of Appeals; No Marketability Discounts in Dissenters' Rights Cases as a Matter of Law

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 9 No. 3
Legal and Court Case Update
March 2003
6022 State Commercial Banks
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shareholder dissent/oppression

Pueblo Bancorporation v. Lindoe, Inc. (II)
63 P.3d 353, 2003 Colo. LEXIS 53
January 21, 2003
State Court
Supreme Court
Leslie A. Pattern, CPA, CVA (for Pueblo) <br> Z. Christopher Mercer, ASA, CFA (for Lindoe) <br> Gerald A. Feil (for Lindoe) <br> Charles W. Murdock (for Linda)


In this case, Pueblo Bancorporation appealed the Court of Appeals' reversal of the trial court's determination of the shares owned by Lindoe Inc., a minority shareholder of Pueblo.

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Pueblo Bancorporation v. Lindoe, Inc. (II)

At issue is the application of a lack of marketability discount for the value of shares owned by the minority shareholder, Lindoe, Inc., in Pueblo Bancorporation.