Chancery Court Discusses Methodology in Latest Chapter of Gonsalves

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 8 No. 11
Legal and Court Case Update
November 2002
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shareholder dissent/oppression
market approach

Gonsalves v. Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc. (IV)
2002 Del. Ch. LEXIS 105
September 10, 2002
State Court
Court of Chancery
James Kobak (for Gonsalves) <br> Marty Whitman (for Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc.) <br> Daniel McNamee (for Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc.) <br> Donald J. Puglisi (court-appointed neutral expert)


This is the latest installment in the ongoing saga of the Gonsalves v. Straight Arrow Publishers Inc. dissenting stockholder suit.

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Gonsalves v. Straight Arrow Publishers, Inc. (IV)

This is the court of chancery's response to a remand with instructions from the Delaware Supreme Court.