Buy-Sell Agreements Do Not Control for Estate Tax Purposes

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July 6, 2001
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estate and gift taxation
buy-sell agreement, pre-IPO study, restricted stock study, estate tax, fair market value (FMV), gift tax, net asset value approach (NAV), swing vote

Estate of True v. Commissioner
T.C. Memo 2001-167, 2001 Tax Ct. Memo LEXIS 199
Federal Court
United States Tax Court
John H. Lax, ASA, CMA (for estate)<br>Curtis R. Kimball, ASA, CFA (for estate)<br>John B. Gustavson, AIMA (for IRS)


The Tax Court considered whether buy-sell agreements controlled the value of the business interests the decedent held for estate and gift tax purposes.

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Estate of True v. Commissioner