Actual Noncompete Agreement Not Relevant to Fair Value Determination

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January 23, 2002
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judicial dissolution
fair value, income approach, going concern, liquidation, market approach, noncompete agreement, forced sale, corporate dissolution

Mart v. Severson
95 Cal. App. 4th 521, 115 Cal. Rptr. 2d 717, 2002 Cal. App. LEXIS 791
State Court
Court of Appeals
Stephen A. Stewart (for court) <br> Gregory Barber (for plaintiff) <br> Gregory J. Nachtwey (for defendant)


The California Court of Appeals, District 1, reversed the lower court’s determination of fair value in this voluntary dissolution proceeding.

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Mart v. Severson

In voluntary corporate dissolution proceeding, Severson exercised his right under Cal. Corp. Code section 2000 to purchase Mart's shares at their fair value to avoid dissolution.