Pacific Telecom, Inc. v. Gabelli Funds, Inc.

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December 30, 1998
4813 Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone
517311 Wired Telecommunications Carriers
shareholder dissent/oppression
fair value

Pacific Telecom, Inc. v. Gabelli Funds, Inc.
1998 U.S. App. LEXIS 33130
Federal Court
9th Circuit
United States Court of Appeals
Mr. Muoio <for Gabelli>
Canby, Hawkins, Silver


At issue is the valuation of the Gabelli Funds, Inc. fair value of its shares in Pacific Telecom, Inc.

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In this unpublished memorandum opinion, the 9th Circuit reversed the district court's appraisal of the fair value of Gabelli's shares of Pacific Telecom Inc.