MCI WorldCom Network Servs. v. Mastec, Inc.

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July 10, 2008
4813 Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone
517311 Wired Telecommunications Carriers
economic damages & lost profits

MCI WorldCom Network Servs. v. Mastec, Inc.
995 So. 2d 221; 2008 Fla. LEXIS 1239
State Court
Supreme Court
Alan J. Kluger, Anthony J. Jorgenson, Caryn Lynn Bellus, David P. Ackerman, James J. Proszek, Michael A. Weeks, Steve I. Silverman
Per curiam


In this case the Florida Supreme Court, ruling on certified questions from the Eleventh Circuit, held that under Florida Law a party cannot rely on rental costs for a compromised service if the party did not actually have to rent replacement equipment.
MCI v. Mastec
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