K-Testing Lab v. Estate of Kennon

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July 7, 1998
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buy/sell agreement

K-Testing Lab v. Estate of Kennon
1998 Tenn. App. LEXIS 451
State Court
Court of Appeals


Issue was purchase of 50% interest from estate per stock redemption agreement.

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Outdated Value of Stock at Heart of Valuation Case

The company sought to purchase a 50% interest from Kennon's estate pursuant to a stock redemption and restriction agreement that established a procedure by which, upon the death of either stockholder, the corporation would purchase the decedent's stock for a previously ascertained value.

Stock Value Calculated Under Stock Redemption Agreement Upheld

The Tennessee Court of Appeals enforced a buy-sell agreement that required the company to purchase the stock in the event of death for a specific value contained in the decedent's shareholders' agreement.