In re the Marriage of Steinbesser

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December 12, 2002
0291 General Farms, Primarily Livestock and Animal Specialties
112990 All Other Animal Production
marital dissolution/divorce

In re the Marriage of Steinbesser
2002 MT 309, 313 Mont. 74, 60 P.3d 441, 2002 Mont. LEXIS 590
State Court
Supreme Court
Roger Cymbaluk (for husband)


At issue is the valuation of the pre-marital and marital assets, including husband's farm and ranch.

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Issues in this marital dissolution included the value of the husband's one-fifth undivided interest in 5 S Partnership (5 S), a farming and ranching operation he ran with his two brothers and two brothers and two of their cousins, and the value of the husband's apartment complex.