Faircloth v. Lundy Packing

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August 2, 1996
2011 Meat Packing Plants
311611 Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering
ESOP valuations
disclosure, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)

Faircloth v. Lundy Packing
91 F.3d 648, 1996 U.S. App. LEXIS 19006
Federal Court
4th Circuit
United States Court of Appeals
Hamilton, Williams, Michael


At issue is whether the appellee, an ESOP administrator, should have furnished certain documents to the appellants, three participants in the ESOP.

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The court found that Lundy Packing Co., the ESOP administrator and trustee, were not required to disclose the ESOP appraisal report, despite it being requested by the participants.