D.K.H. v. L.R.G.

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April 15, 2003
3842 Orthopedic, Prosthetic, and Surgical Appliances and Supplies
marital dissolution/divorce

D.K.H. v. L.R.G.
No. WD59871 (Mo. App. 2003)
State Court
Court of Appeals
Richard A. Couch; John P. Corbin, CPA


The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District affirmed the valuation of an interest in a medical practice. The practice was valued under the fair market value standard under the third-party sale provision of the practice’s restricted shareholders’ agree ...
D.K.H. v. L.R.G.
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One of the issues in this marital dissolution was the value of husband’s 25% interest in Neurology Consultants, Chartered.