DeCosse v. DeCosse

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April 22, 1997
5712 Furniture Stores
337121 Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing
marital dissolution/divorce
income approach, marital dissolution, marketability

DeCosse v. DeCosse
82 Mont. 212, 936 P.2d 821, 54 Mont. St. Rep. 318, 1997 Mont. LEXIS 66
State Court
Supreme Court
Martin Connell (for wife); Wayne Neil, CPA (for husband)


At issue is the valuation of husband's interest in a furniture company.

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Appellate court accepts one side's value completely

Husband appealed the district court's $1,060,000 valuation of his interest in a family business, Gallatin Valley Furniture , from which he was ordered to pay wife $522,676.