Unclear Valuation of Family Business Interests Requires Remand

Court Case Digests
January 18, 2017
1241 Coal Mining Services
213113 Support Activities for Coal Mining
marital dissolution/divorce
subsequent events, partnership interest

Farrell v. Farrell
2017 Ark. App. LEXIS 8
State Court
Court of Appeals
Alan Stagg, John Langham (wife); Mike Johnson (husband)


Appellate court remands for trial court’s express valuation of husband’s business interests and for explanation of its unequal distribution, awarding all of the business interests to husband.

See Also

Farrell v. Farrell (II)

Appeals court says trial court erred in allowing husband to pay substantial portion of wife’s share in marital property over multi-year period; trial court must order immediate equal division of stock in family businesses.