Where the majority of BV work comes from

BVWireIssue #49-2
October 11, 2006

Our latest “flash survey” results are IN: Last week’s BVWire™ asked subscribers to say what size of business (measured in annual revenue) best represents the majority of their business valuation work. Over half (51.5%) ticked off the $1 million to $5 million range. Just about a quarter of respondents (25.3%) checked the $5mm to $10mm category, followed by 16.2% registering in the >$1mm range. Only 3% to 4% appraise businesses in the higher ranges, of $10 million and above. The survey is not scientific, of course, and represents the views of respondents, only—but it does confirm what many business appraisers suspected from anecdotal evidence. Look for more BVWire Flash Surveys on key BV topics in the future.

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