What’s on BVWire’s radar at the ASA’s Advanced BV Conference

BVWireIssue #178-3
July 26, 2017

What strikes us from looking at the agenda for the ASA’s 2017 Advanced BV Conference in Houston (October 7-10) is that there’s an emphasis on sessions that mix theory with practice. Here are a few of the sessions we plan on attending:

  • Regression Analysis: Construction and Interpretation (Mark Shirley);
  • Evidence of DLOMs for Controlling Interests (Ronald DiMattia);
  • Forecasting Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements for DCF Analyses (Joseph Emanuele);
  • Using New REIT Data to Value FLPs: Theory and Application (Spencer Jefferies and Jim Park); and
  • Pitfalls in Determining the Terminal Value in the DCF Model (Gilbert Matthews).

The speakers will present case studies to show their practical application of the theories. We like this approach because it’s designed to give you information that can be put into practice immediately. BVWire looks forward to attending. Will you be there? Come visit us at the BVR booth!

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