What the BV profession really needs: better policing

BVWireIssue #108-3
September 28, 2011

As a credentialed member of multiple BV organizations, and with a long history of elected leadership and faculty positions in each, Bill Quackenbush (Advent Valuation Advisors) believes that “all other things equal, the higher the bar is set (and this is an important assumption), the better qualified credentialed practitioners should be.” In addition to setting high entrance levels, the BV profession should also consider better policing. Says Quackenbush: 

Some practitioners, regardless of the letters after their name, don't abide by standards, act as advocates for their client's position rather than for their value conclusion, and/or have theoretical gaps in their analysis. Although no profession can eliminate such behavior (bad doctors, bad lawyers, bad CPAs, etc.), high standards and strong policing can reduce the gap between what is and what should be.

Reminder: the November BVUpdate will feature a complete summary of all views on BV credentialing.

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