What publications do business appraisers read?

BVWireIssue #106-3
July 27, 2011

According to 2011 BV Firm Economics and Best Practices Guide, more BV appraisers read the BVWire than any other professional periodical (see table below). (However, since the BVWire distribution list was used to collect responses for the survey the results may be biased.) The leading paid periodicals are the ASA’s Business Valuation Review and BVR’s BVUpdate:

Which business valuation journals, publications, or blogs do you read?

BVR’s BVWire


Business Valuation Review


BVR’s Business Valuation Update


Value Examiner (NACVA)


ASA BV E-Letter


Valuation Strategies (Thomson Reuters)


Aswath Damodaran's Musings on Markets blog


This is by no means an inclusive list, and respondents mentioned many other informative publications: CPAExpert, WMA’s Insights, Financial Analysts Journal, Chris Mercer’s blog ValuationSpeak, Business Appraisal Practice (from the IBA), and many more.

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