What happens when the judge hates your lawyer?

BVWireIssue #45-4
June 28, 2006

At the IBA conference, presenter Jay Fishman (Financial Research Associates) pointed out that no matter how good you and your opinion may be, valuators are in tough shape during a divorce trial when they have a bad lawyer—or worse, a “bad” client; i.e., one who’s character could be driving the conflict—more so than any real dispute over valuation or other financial issues—and whose lawyer is unwilling or unable to rein the client in. “Where will judges turn if they don’t like the case?” Fishman asks. To your assumptions—which they’ll take apart, “even if you’re right.” His point: Choose your clients carefully.

Jay will be a featured presenter, along with Shannon Pratt and William Morrison, at BVR’s telephone conference on “Standards of Value,” to be aired later in October. To register early, go to www.bvresources.com/conferences.

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