Values of tech brands have nosedived, per new study

BVWireIssue #244-3
January 25, 2023

intellectual property
brand value, intangible property, royalty rate, intangible valuation

Shifting consumer demand patterns and inflation have taken their toll on the world’s most valuable brands, particularly in the tech sector. Apple dropped out of the No. 1 ranking after losing $57.6 billion in value, according to “Brand Finance Global 500 2023.” Taking its place at the top of the list is Amazon, despite losing $51 billion in value. Not all brands in the tech sector have plummeted: Instagram is up 42%, and LinkedIn saw a 49% gain in value, which the report attributes to “well-executed strategy to commercialize their services.” Other gains were seen by electric car manufacturers Tesla, which is up 44% (interesting, given Elon Musk’s recent woes), and BYD, up 57%, “as demand grows for electric cars as part of a broader transition to a low carbon economy,” says the report.
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