Updated Pratt's Stats Analyzer has better granularity

BVWireIssue #135-1
December 4, 2013

In response to input from subscribers, BVR has updated the Pratt's Stats Analyzer to create better granularity in the data population. A new percentile option gives users the ability to view or select a statistical measure above or below the median. Also, the 10th, 25th, median (50th), 75th, and 90th percentile values are calculated for the other summary financial figures (including income statement values, balance sheet values, and financial ratios). This is designed to give users better insight into the population of transactions in their comparable group and also allows users to compare their subject’s financial ratios to the population.

This new update follows on the heels of Pratt’s Stats surpassing 20,000 transactions, which further cements its position as the leading private company merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction database. For more information, click here.

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