Trademark values of real estate websites

BVWireIssue #154-3
BVWireIssue #154-3
June 24, 2015

This month’s brand value snapshot from Markables covers websites that contain ads for renting or selling real estate. Using this type of website, the property owner lists and pays for the ad, but the service is free for the potential buyer or tenant. Typically, the online service does not enable direct transaction between seller and buyer. As these are mostly pay-per-use services as opposed to subscription-based, the brand is an important value driver of these businesses. The peer group includes 14 cases between 2006 and 2014 from seven countries, including and The analysis suggests a median royalty rate for a brand of 10% and a 20% share of enterprise value. Surprisingly, only four of the 14 brands are assigned a finite life, which is a small percentage compared to other online businesses.

Markables has a database of over 6,500 trademark valuations published in financial reporting documents of listed companies from all over the world. The database reports value solely for the use of trademarks (not bundled with other rights).

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