Tougher going for valuators as expert witnesses

BVWireIssue #129-1
June 5, 2013

As we discussed earlier, the bankruptcy court has become less enamored of paid litigation experts on valuation issues, so valuators really need to prepare before sitting on the witness stand. Things have also gotten tougher in other courts as well. Reason: Judges talk to each other—and so do lawyers—about valuation experts who testify in court. Judges call other judges to find out about the expert that will appear before them. And lawyers keep files on all the leading valuation experts. This means they all know when the expert is changing his or her standards of practice. This, of course, can hurt the expert’s credibility.

Attend a workshop: Expert witnesses must be able to articulate their positions, be convincing, and deliver an independent opinion that withstands scrutiny under cross-examination. The AICPA Expert Witness Skills Workshop offers attendees a “safe” environment to develop and enhance the skills necessary to be an effective expert witness through practice and critique by industry experts, attorneys, and experienced judges. In advance, you will receive case study materials, including expert reports, which will be the foundation for the workshop’s preparation and training. In three intensive days, you’ll experience a real-life courtroom atmosphere, present to practicing experts and attorneys, and be personally critiqued. You’ll benefit from hands-on training and expert demonstrations, and you’ll even have the opportunity to testify in a mock trial. This blend of classroom lectures and instant personal feedback will provide the key framework for developing the “real” skills you need to flourish as an expert witness. Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity to learn and network with experts and peers. Take your expert witness skills to a new level.

This workshop is especially beneficial for CPAs who:

  • Have basic forensic accounting and/or valuation skills and are looking to become an expert witness;
  • Need to advance their skills beyond technical aspects of preparing a damages or valuation report; or
  • Want to bolster their knowledge of the litigation process for the CFF and ABV exams.

To learn why you should attend the Expert Witness Skills Workshop, watch this video. To register or for more information, click here.

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