Total compensation for entry-level BV financial analysts approaches $50K

BVWireIssue #71-4
August 27, 2008

While the competition for entry-level financial analyst staff is less intense than it was a few years ago, salaries have trended up slightly—averaging around $47,000 according to the 2009 BV Firm Economics and Best Practices Survey, which will be released in mid-September.  With the inclusion of bonuses, total compensation now averages $48,740.  (The range of total compensation among the over 400 firms who provided data ran from a low of $33,000 to a high of $70,000.)   The Survey defines “entry level analyst” as someone with 0-2 years of experience, an undergraduate degree, no business valuation certification, and little client contact.  The Survey includes compensation data for financial analysts at all levels, researchers, and billable staff. 

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