Top ten SIC searches

BVWireIssue #67-4
April 23, 2008

What is the most frequent SIC Code search in the Pratt’s Stats® database?   We ran a recent query and found that by far, Pratt’s Stats users are looking for transaction data relating to SIC 5812 (restaurants, non-drinking), with 277 searches since the beginning of last month.  Software technology was second, with 220 searches for SIC 7372; and transaction data regarding doctors and medical clinics (SIC 8011) was third with 129 searches.  The remaining top ten:

128 searches for SIC 8711 – Engineering services
123 searches… 8742 – Management consulting services
111 searches… 7361 – Employment agencies
106 searches… 1711 – Plumbing, heating, air conditioning
103 searches… 7389 – Business services
101 searches… 1731 – Electrical work
99 searches… 6411– Insurance agencies/brokers

But as business appraisers know, it’s how you understand and apply the transaction data that really counts toward creating a credible valuation conclusion.  To that end, the May 2008 issue of The Business Valuation Update™ features an excerpt from the new release, The Comprehensive Guide to the Use and Application of the Transaction Databases, by Nancy Fannon and Heidi Walker and published by BVResources; pre-order a copy for shipment early next month here.

Also in the May BVU: An article by Gary Trugman, “Practical Solutions to Problems in Valuing the Very Small Business.”  The article is also included among the ancillary reading materials to the next BVR teleconference, “Valuing the Very Small Company,” when Ron Seigneur and Stacy Collins join Trugman to discuss every aspect of these challenging assignments, from pre-screening the client to collecting the financial documents to applying market data from the relevant transaction databases.  To register for the April 30, 2008, event, click here.

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