To tax-affect or not to tax-affect...? New research on the real impact of taxes in private markets may surprise you

BVWireIssue #87-2
December 9, 2009

"The area of pass-through entity valuation and the effect of taxes on value have confounded valuation analysts for nearly a decade," says Nancy Fannon, who’s currently working on an update to her Guide to the Valuation of Subchapter S Corporations (BVResources, 2008).  The result: a groundbreaking new study on the real effect of taxes on value in private capital markets. The results will surprise most analysts—and Nancy hopes it will simplify questions on tax affecting for years to come.

Get a preview.  Next Wednesday, December 16th Fannon will host “The Effect of Taxes on Value in Private Capital Markets”, a 100-minute, BVR teleconference based on her Guide and its compilation of the latest academic research and analysis. To find out more—and to get a free copy of the Introduction to Fanon’s Guide, click here. The conference kicks off at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET; two CPE credits available.

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