Thumbs-up reviews for UBV6 and VAB6

BVWireIssue #233-4
February 23, 2022

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The March issue of Business Valuation Update has reviews of two important books that are about to be released: Understanding Business Valuation, 6th edition (UBV6), by Gary Trugman (Trugman Valuation) and Valuing a Business, 6th edition (VAB6), originally written by Shannon Pratt and updated by a team of contributors.

Trugman brings many years of experience in the field and in the courtroom to fill his book with practical examples from actual engagements and sample valuation reports. His years in the classroom teaching valuation courses is evident in the book’s easy-to-understand style. Understanding Business Valuation has been thoroughly revised and will have a companion website that will keep the material up to date. “It is a great reference book that will end up with many dog-eared pages and sticky notes in a very short time,” writes Jim Alerding (Alerding Consulting LLC) in his review.

The sixth edition of Valuing a Business is made possible by the American Society of Appraisers and the ASA Educational Foundation, who took the book under their collective wing after Pratt’s retirement. A team of over 60 ASA members went about revising the chapters and adding some new ones. “I am very pleased that the ASA Educational Foundation has elected to continue to oversee the publication of Valuing a Business for current as well as the next generation of business appraisers, and I highly recommend this text for all business appraisers,” writes Harold G. Martin Jr., partner-in-charge of valuation and forensic services for Keiter, in his review.

Both books are scheduled for release in March and are now available for preorder—just click the links above.

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