This BV practice management tip will surprise you

BVWireIssue #210-3
March 18, 2020

practice management and growth
business valuation marketing, valuation practice management

Ever think of attending CLE events to build your BV practice? That’s what James Koerber (The Koerber Co. PA) did, and it worked like a charm. He had been struggling with his new solo practice and almost gave up when he started using tactics like this—and now he has one of the more successful valuation and litigation services firms around. As he explained during a recent interview with Rod Burkert (Burkert Valuation Advisors LLC), attending CLE events helps build name recognition and you stand out, since you probably are the only nonlawyer in the room. At one CLE class, Koerber was among 150 attorneys who asked him “Why are you here?” and he responded that as an expert he was there to learn. The speaker called on him to give his perspective on the topic, so there he was talking in front of a slew of potential referral sources. The interview was part of Burkert’s webinar series, Practice Development INSIDER, that features some of the leading valuation practitioners revealing their time-tested ideas behind building a practice. The next webinar will be April 3 and will feature Barbara Price (Mercer Capital). For more information on the series, go to Burkert’s website.
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