The biggest challenges when benchmarking a client

BVWireIssue #227-3
August 18, 2021

industry analysis
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Valuation experts seem to be evenly split on what they see as their main challenge when doing an industry analysis. During a recent BVR webinar, attendees were asked about that. Here’s what they said:

  • Finding the right industry (36%);
  • Finding a reliable data source (33%);
  • Getting local information (28%); and
  • Other (3%).

During the webinar (free recording available), Galen Pugh of BizMiner addressed these challenges. BizMiner is a 20-year-old data analytics firm that collects U.S. industry and geographic raw data from 15 different sources and reports on over 5,000 industry segments. Because of the granularity of the data, you can benchmark a client against industry peers by drilling down to a specific line of business. For example, under restaurants, you can find different types, such as Chinese, steakhouses, food trucks, and the like. And you can drill down geographically to a ZIP code.

An audience member asked: “How many years of data do you have?” The standard report goes back five years, but you can get a legacy report that goes back to 2001 for some industries, according to Pugh.

A free recording of the webinar is available if you click here.

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