Tell job candidates a story

BVWireIssue #246-3
March 15, 2023

practice management and growth
business valuation profession, practice management

The search for BV talent has never been more challenging, so anything that can help land a good candidate is very welcome. In his latest newsletter, John Borrowman (Borrowman Baker LLC), a recruiter who has worked exclusively in the BV profession for over 20 years, advises interviewers to tell candidates a story about the kind of workplace they have. This is better than simply saying “we’re very entrepreneurial here.” Give an example. Get stories from your employees and use those to illustrate. “Bob was interested in exit planning, so we encouraged him to start a new service line—and he’s now leading that area of our practice.” Have the candidate talk to Bob at some point—and to other employees who can give their personal stories about the workplace. This is much more effective than spouting a bunch of self-serving assertations, notes Borrowman. To read more of his observations, click here.
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