Survey reveals use of Excel add-ins for the GPCM

BVWireIssue #242-2
November 9, 2022

market approach
market approach, public company data, guideline public company method (GPCM)

As part of BVR’s ongoing surveys related to data resources and methodologies, we recently ran a short survey on the use of Excel add-ins for the guideline public company method (GPCM). The survey generated about 50 respondents, and here’s what we found:

  • Almost half (45%) of the respondents use the GPC method in 50% of their valuations or more.
  • Only 15% said they never use the GPC method.
  • Of those who use the GPC method, 71% use an Excel add-in.
  • The most commonly used add-in was from Cap IQ, followed closely by Tagnifi.
  • Of those who use an add-in, 44% use it exclusively (no other resource besides the add-in). Of the 56% that use another resource in addition to the add-in, it was primarily EDGAR (SEC) for fundamentals and Yahoo Finance for stock prices—presumably to verify data from the add-in.
  • Of those currently not using an add-in, 100% said they would be interested in using one.

Our thanks to those of you who responded, and we’ll continue these surveys in the future.

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