Super lineup of CPE events

BVWireIssue #136-3
January 22, 2014

BVLaw Case Update: A One-Hour Briefing (January 22). Featuring: Sylvia Golden (Business Valuation Resources) and James Alerding (Alerding Consulting). BVR’s legal editor and one of valuation’s most experienced voices examine the most important judicial decisions of the past six months. Their docket includes a New York divorce case that keeps on giving—valuation issues—and a peculiar Tax Court case that illustrates what happens when a taxpayer fails to pay its appraiser and is left to take on the IRS without expert testimony.

HIPAA, Valuation and Litigation: Civil and Criminal Implications for the Unaware (January 28). Featuring: Mark Dietrich. The 2014 Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation begins with the series curator on the legal liabilities appraisers face when engaging in healthcare appraisals and the very serious consequences of ignoring the legal responsibilities of those with access to healthcare records.

Valuing Hotels (January 30). Featuring: Mark Dayman (CapVal-American Business Appraisers LLC) and Kari Lazarova (Valuation Aspects LLC). Learn how to properly value what may be one of the most ubiquitous business types in existence. From the deceptively simple to the dauntingly complex, Dayman and Lazarova will cover what every appraiser needs to know.

Private Company Considerations in Measuring Fair Value (February 4). Featuring: Mark Zyla (Acuitas Inc.). BVR’s 2014 Online Symposium on Fair Value Measurement continues with a look at potentially game-changing proposals by the Financial Accounting Foundation’s Private Company Council (PCC) to make changes and exceptions to GAAP for private companies. Join Symposium curator Zyla to find out how these alterations, subject to FASB endorsement, could affect valuation, fair value measurement, and GAAP standards.

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