SRO at first public demo of D&P’s Cost of Capital Navigator

BVWireIssue #184-3
January 24, 2018

A record-breaking crowd watched as Jim Harrington of Duff & Phelps gave the BV community its very first glimpse of its new Cost of Capital Navigator, an online application that will replace the print versions of the Valuation Handbook series. The application will launch in February 2018 and will initially embody the Duff & Phelps Valuation Handbook – U.S. Guide to Cost of Capital, which will no longer be published in hardcover form. The other Handbooks in the series will later be incorporated into the new tool.

Personal guide: Harrington pointed out that the Cost of Capital Navigator is not merely electronic delivery of long-form data tables, but rather an interactive application designed to guide you through the process of estimating cost of equity capital. Think of it as having someone from Duff & Phelps sitting with you as you do your analysis, he says. All of the data and information previously featured in the Valuation Handbook series will now be online, and it will be available up to a full month sooner than with the print version. Plus, quarterly updates will now be provided free of charge.

During the demo, the audience was brimming with questions about the new application—too many to handle during the webinar. Harrington will answer each and every question in writing, and BVR will disseminate the Q&As as soon as possible. You can watch a free replay of the demo if you click here, and you can find more details on the Cost of Capital Navigator at

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