Special track on the ‘real’ 409A

BVWireIssue #62-1
November 7, 2007

The National Summit on Fair Value for Financial Reporting, co-sponsored by BVResources and the ASA on February 5-6, 2008 in New York City, will feature a special, half-day track on valuing stock options to meet the compliance guidelines of both IRC § 409A and SFAS 123R.  Valuation of common stock using both PWERM and option pricing models—including determining key inputs and binomial option analysis—are on the agenda.  And of course, sessions on financial reporting will include a panel of “Big Four” senior valuation partners (to get the auditor’s perspective) while another will feature CFO perspectives—and how to build a practice with this key client group.  Register now for “early bird” pricing: click here.

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