Special report on valuing a business that owns real estate

BVWireIssue #144-2
September 17, 2014

At some point, every valuation expert will have to deal with a business that owns its real estate. It could be a convenience store, a funeral home, or a hotel, among others. Where does the value of the business end and the value of the real estate begin?

BVR’s special report, Valuing Companies With Real Estate: Appraisal Experts Untangle the Issues, addresses the unique concerns and challenges of valuing a company with real estate. This report, with perspective from both real estate and business appraisers, will help experts sort out this issue and present practical methods to handle this type of valuation.

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Extra: U.S. Tax Court Judges Mark V. Holmes and James S. Halpern will be among the panelists at the Appraisal Institute’s 2014 IRS Valuation Summit on October 21 in Washington, D.C., that will focus on real estate valuation. At the top of the agenda is the expiration of the 2010 Tax Act and the permanency of the estate tax enacted in early 2013, which adds uncertainty in the appraisal process and impacts estate planning for many individuals.

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