Special COVID-19 issue of Business Valuation Update

BVWireIssue #211-4
April 22, 2020

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Normally, Business Valuation Update is available only to subscribers (or subscribers of the BVResearch Pro platform). But the May 2020 issue has a number of articles devoted to the valuation impacts of the coronavirus, and BVR is making it available for purchase as a stand-alone issue for nonsubscribers. Click here for more information. The feature articles in this issue are:

  • “A Veteran Valuer’s Guidance on COVID-19 and the ‘Soul’ of a Business” (BVR Editor). An interview with Robert Schlegel, FASA, MCBA (Houlihan Valuation Advisors), in which he gives his perspectives on our current economic environment and how that affects the business valuation community.
  • “The Valuation Paradigm of COVID-19: Using the DFC Method After an Economic Crisis” (Craig Jacobson, Dan Korczyk, and Richard Peil, GlassRatner, a B. Riley Financial Company). The challenge amid today’s market disruption is to revert back to the foundational elements of valuation and how to properly apply those “blocking and tackling” fundamentals during very untraditional times.
  • “A Revisit of ‘Known or Knowable’ and Subsequent Events in the COVID-19 World” (Robert B. Morrison and Alexander Dokuchaev, Rosenfield & Co. PLLC). The authors have a recurring client for whom they perform an annual valuation as of December 31. They give a best practice suggestion as to how to address the coronavirus in their valuation report. The article includes a COVID-19 timeline they developed.
  • “Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and 2020 Election—Unexpected Windfall for E&G Tax Planning” (Chris Rosenthal and Brian Broxterman, Vallit Advisors). Insights into the impacts on the estate and gift tax area and the opportunities it presents for business valuers.
  • “A View From the UK on the Cost Approach Amid the Current Crisis” (Andrew Strickland, FCA). The Cinderella of business valuation approaches is likely to make it to the ball when we start to count the economic cost of the present crisis.
  • “Is History Repeating Itself? A List of BV Guidance From the 2008 Financial Crisis” (BVR Editor). Insights from business valuation history can give some degree of help during today’s crisis. Here are some blasts from the past courtesy of the search capabilities of the BVResearch Pro platform.

The issue also contains a BVLaw Case Update section, a BV News section (U.S. and Global), “Ask the Experts” and “Tip of the Month” features, and a spotlight on BV data.

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