Sneak preview of updated data on identifiable intangibles

BVWireIssue #227-4
August 25, 2021

purchase price allocation, fair value measurements, identifiable intangibles

Get an advance look at the new edition of a guide that analyzes data on the useful lives of intangible assets culled from over 15,000 purchase price allocations. This will be part of a presentation by Raymond Rath (GlobalView Advisors) in an August 26 webinar that gives key insights on the determination of the economic and useful (amortization) lives for intangible assets. You’ll also get an overview of key accounting guidance pertaining to the valuation of intangible assets as well as industry-specific factors impacting the valuation and economic lives of different types of intangible assets. He will also discuss the data in the guide, Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations, 3rd edition, which is available now. Tune in to the webinar by clicking here.
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