Search over 20,000 M&A deals with one click

BVWireIssue #106-3
July 27, 2011

Subscribers to Pratt’s Stats and Public Stats have long been able to search private sold businesses and public sales without commingling the summary results: but now, with recent changes to the system, users can toggle back and forth between the two databases with one click.  For instance, if you’re looking for information for a company in the top seven industry subdivisions covered in Pratt’s Stats and Public Stats (business services, eating places, miscellaneous retail, personal services, depository institutions, chemical and allied products or measuring devices), you’ll be amazed at the number of results. You can also search by any criteria—keyword, revenue range, industry name, SIC code, profitability margins, company name (and more)—and instantly get:

  • Financial details on close to 20,000 closed business sales
  • 65-88 data points for every deal, including 13 financial ratios and 6 valuation multiples
  • Easy toggling between private and public targets
  • Complete income statements and balance sheets
  • Details on selling terms and non-compete agreements
  • Explanatory notes when available
  • Direct link to original source documents, for easy retrieval and verification of SEC filings (for all deals in Public Stats and SEC-sourced deals in Pratt’s Stats)

For more information click here; or contact a BVR sales team member at or 503-291-7963, ext. 2.

We’ve also just updated one of our most popular free downloads: How to Use Transactional Databases for M&A, 2011 Update, which provides exhibits that show:

  • How to prepare tables of valuation multiples and select multiples to apply to a subject company’s financial data
  • Equity and invested-capital multiples computed by each database
  • Quantity of transactions in each database, sorted by sale price
  • Sample transaction reports from each database

Click here for the free download.

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