Put yourself in opposing expert’s shoes

BVWireIssue #183-1
December 6, 2017

A good piece of advice for valuation experts comes from Rich Bergin, a managing director at AlixPartners, in the latest issue of Corporate Disputes Magazine. While he was talking in the context of commercial damages, this advice certainly applies in other contexts as well. He was asked what makes the difference between a good outcome and a great outcome when quantifying commercial damages.

“As an expert, it is important to be able to understand the possible limitations and weaknesses of your arguments or analyses by putting yourself in the shoes of the opposing expert and anticipating possible rebuttal points they will come up with,” Bergin says. “This is an important consideration, and rather than being left to the end of a dispute, one that you should consider as your work as an expert progresses. How effectively could you respond to said criticism and handle potential cross-examination?”

Source: Quantifying Damages in Commercial Disputes, a miniroundtable with Bergin and AlixPartner colleagues Timothy Gray, Andrew Grantham, and Derek Holt.

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