Proceed cautiously with discount and capitalization rates

BVWireIssue #79-2
April 8, 2009

Challenged under the microscope of irregular economic conditions and unforeseen changes to the marketplace, the rules by which these processes are completed are changing. Although it’s still appropriate for BV analysts to use many traditional models—such as CAPM, Modified CAPM, and the Build-up Model (BUM)—their inputs now require extra justification.

On Thursday, April 30, 2009, BVR will address the issues with Developing Discount and Cap Rates in a Troubled Economy: New and Emerging Views on Old Issues, a teleconference hosted by Ron Seigneur, Don DeGrazia, and Stacy Preston Collins. Over the course of their 100-minute presentation, these three valuation experts will focus on relatively new and emerging issues that practitioners need to consider when developing their discount and capitalization rates in today's turbulent economy. The speakers will also explore opportunities for practitioners to enhance their support for these key valuation inputs. Click here to register, find out more, or to hear Ron Seigneur describe the program.

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