Private-company selling price/EBITDA median is 4.4x, per DealStats

BVWireIssue #207-1
December 4, 2019

private company transaction data
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The median selling price/EBITDA multiple across all industry sectors is 4.4x, according to the 4Q 2019 DealStats Value Index (DVI). As the graph below shows, EBITDA multiples are highest for the information sector (11.1x) and the mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction sector (8.5x). Meanwhile, the lowest EBITDA multiples are in the accommodation and food services (2.6x) and the other services sectors (3.0x).


The DealStats Value Index (DVI) summarizes valuation multiples and profit margins for private companies that were sold over the past several quarters. The DVI is a quarterly newsletter and is complementary with a subscription to DealStats.

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