Preview of the March 2017 issue of Business Valuation Update

BVWireIssue #173-3
February 15, 2017

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • “The Residual Contribution Method for Valuing a Corporate Brand” (René Hlousek, Beacon Valuation Group LLC). In 2004, the author published a paper that introduced a new school of thought to the valuation of a corporate brand. This has since evolved into a method he refers to as the residual contribution method (RCM), which he explains in this article, on which feedback is encouraged and welcome.
  • “Review: Discount for Lack of Marketability Guide and Toolkit” (Harold G. Martin Jr., Keiter). BVU was able to arrange for a “sneak preview” of a soon-to-be released “groundbreaking” calculator for a discount for lack of marketability based on restricted stock transactions. The model also incorporates option methodology and includes a qualitative factors assessment tool.
  • “Fair Value Experts Offer Their Insights on ASC 805” (BVR Editor). The launch of the new Certified in Entity and Intangibles Valuation, or CEIV, credential has thrust the issue of fair value into the spotlight. Mark Zyla (Acuitas) and Nathan DiNatale (SC&H) give an overview of ASC 805 on business combinations that is an excerpt from a new guide to purchase price allocations to which they generously contributed.
  • “Final IVS 2017 Seeks to Standardize Conduct and Approach to Global Valuation” (BVR Editor). The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) has released IVS 2017, its latest set of standards that aim to bring more consistency to valuation practices across the world.
  • “Business Valuation Industry in India Is Poised for Sustained Growth” (Bharat Kanodia, ASA, Veristrat Inc.). First in a series of articles detailing the state of the business valuation industry in India. This article gives an overview of the current valuation market in India, including the provision of outsourced valuation services.

The issue also includes:

  • Regular features: “BV News At-a-Glance/Global Perspective,” “Ask the Experts,” and “Tip of the Month.”
  • BV data spotlight: Pratt’s Stats MVIC/EBITDA Trends, ktMINE Royalty Rate Data, Economic Outlook for the Month, and Cost of Capital Center.
  • BVLaw Case Update: The latest court cases that involve business valuation issues.

To stay current on business valuation, see the March issue of Business Valuation Update.

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