Preview of the April 2022 issue of Business Valuation Update

BVWireIssue #234-3
March 16, 2022

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Business Valuation Needs to Be a Recognized Career Path” (David Foster). Despite all the progress the business valuation profession has made, BV is still not understood or widely recognized as a career path. Most individuals who enter the profession continue to discover it by accident.
  • Proposed Rule 702 Change Targets Unqualified Experts” (BVR Editor). Too many experts who are not qualified are being allowed to testify in court. This has triggered proposed changes to strengthen Rule 702, which is the federal rule of evidence regarding testifying experts.
  • A Lesson in Healthcare Supply and Demand—and Market Power, Part 1” (Mark O. Dietrich, CPA/ABV). This is a follow-up to the author’s landmark research on the fair market value of physician compensation. The issue of insurance market structure and the related impact on the negotiating of provider contracts is addressed in Part 1 of this article. Physician distribution and the impact of local payment rates that determine compensation is addressed in Part 2.
  • A ‘Radical’ Market Data Approach to Startup Valuations” (BVR Editor). Michael Blake (Brady Ware & Co.) has issued a challenge to appraisers of early-stage companies: add rationality to valuing startups by relying more heavily on market inputs. The income approach is not always effective in prerevenue situations, so Blake turns to guideline public company and transaction method alternatives.
  • Reconciling the Results of Various Valuation Methodologies” (Gary Trugman, CPA/ABV, FASA, MVS). This is an excerpt from the author’s new sixth edition of Understanding Business Valuation. It illustrates the clear, simple way he explains key concepts and provides real-world examples.
  • Two BV Firms Collaborate to Serve Clients Better—and Boost Business” (BVR Editor). Solo and small business valuation practitioners can scale up their practices using an idea that two firms have discovered: collaboration. It allows them to take on engagements that they otherwise would have turned away and gives them access to each other’s knowledge, resources, and contacts.

The issue also includes:

  • A full section of “BV News and Trends/Global BV News and Trends”;
  • Regular features: “Ask the Experts” and “Tip of the Month”;
  • BV data spotlight: “DealStats MVIC/EBITDA Trends,” “ktMINE Royalty Rate Data,” “Economic Outlook for the Month,” and the “Cost of Capital Center”; and
  • BVLaw Case Update: The latest court cases that involve business valuation issues.

To stay current on business valuation, check out the April 2022 issue of Business Valuation Update.

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