Popular state-by-state chart to goodwill in divorce just updated

BVWireIssue #161-4
February 24, 2016

BVR has just updated its ever-popular complimentary download formerly titled “Goodwill Hunting in Divorce." It gives you an at-a-glance look at a state’s basic position toward enterprise and professional goodwill so that you can shape your valuations accordingly.

Expanded info: The updated chart has a new title, “Charting Goodwill Jurisprudence,” to reflect an expanded discussion of the law that includes excerpts from foundational cases that highlight the concepts (e.g., salability, transferability, solo practice, noncompete agreements) underlying a state’s position. The additional information gives insight into how different courts emphasize different concepts and how much discussion there is within a jurisdiction around the basic rule.

This chart is designed to be a real-time guide, so we welcome alerts to precedent-making new cases or legislative changes. To check out the updated chart, click here.

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